Why Study Maths

There used to be a fallback for anyone who did not do well in school. The civilized world was once a world of manufacturing where anyone could make an honest day’s pay by working with his hands. You could get away with making Cs and Ds in school, because as long as you were not lazy, you could always have a job.

This is no longer the case.

Today, most of the labor jobs which involves the simple building of a product have been outsourced to the inhabitants of poorer Third World countries in order to save on labor costs. The main job opportunity of the civilized world has gone from manufacturing to virtual. The Internet is the source of the growing commerce in the superpower nations, and much of the economic blowback of the recession is being felt in the manufacturing classes of the superpower nations.

Across the world, students who study math and get the equivalent of a university degree in any discipline related to math have an unemployment rate of around 5%. This is effectively full employment for those with a mathematics-based university degree. As you step outside this realm, to those without university degree or to those who did not study mathematics, you get more of the scenario described by the mainstream media, economic recession.
The reason that mathematics is so well-liked amongemployers is that it is essential to computer engineering, online finance and professions in medicine, all of which are growing industries. Math is also essential in the infancy of the green economy, as most of those jobs are based around engineering.

The New World will be one of a virtual economy and not manufacturing. China, because of its monopoly in population, will be the central superpower with a manufacturing monopoly. This is only because they have already committed to keeping the price of their exports low, even if it means artificially devaluing their currency. And when you think about it, even this job takes math.

Therefore, be warned, students of University today: do not fall asleep in those math classes. They may very well be your salvation in the new virtual economy. Do not plan to rely on your hands as a fallback device in this new economy. Prepare yourself for the commercial nuances of the Internet, which means that you need a grasp on as much math as you can get your hands on.